Monday, February 18, 2008

McGuinty is ashamed to be an Ontarian

I am very disappointed by Premier McGuinty's suggestion of removing the Lord's Prayer from legislative business.

Ontario has a Christian heritage. The most recent available data from Statistics Canada says that 75% of Ontarians identify themselves as Christians. No other group comes close.

I understand that Ontario also has other small religious communities. They are most welcome in our province. However, that doesn't mean that we should deny who we are.

The Premier's proposal sounds like he is ashamed to be an Ontarian. He is so insecure about our cultural and religious heritage that he feels that we need to be apologizing to other religious groups who don't even feel offended.

If we follow the Premier's logic, we should start speaking Chinese or Arab in the Legislature just to be more "accomodating." After all, only 71% of Ontarians identify English as their mother tongue, a smaller percentage than the share of Christians.

So if we're going to ban a Christian prayer in the Legislature, why not ban English? Why should everybody speak English? Isn't that intolerant too? Why not a free for all?

McGuinty's proposal has no logic and just anti-Christian bigotry. Period.

He can claim he's a Christian, but he isn't. Everything he says and does proves it.

He's like a polar bear who paints himself in black and yellow and then claims to be a penguin. Nice try, Dalton, but you ain't foolin' anybody.