Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In vitro fertilisation leads to more birth defects

Just another proof that when humans abuse God's law, there are negative consequences.

More persecution of Christians by homosexual movement

A disturbing story about a group of Christians being physically and sexually assaulted by a homosexual mob during a prayer service. Read the article and watch the videos.



Homosexual violence continues

Have you heard about the ongoing violence in the United States being perpetrated by the homosexual movement? You probably haven't, because the mainstream media is being very quiet about it.

People have been assaulted, churches attacked and death threats been made. All this because the people of America voted against same-sex marriage and in favour of traditional marriage during various referendums held on the same day as the Presidential election.

If the homosexual movement had been on the receiving end of these attacks, do you think they would have received some coverage? Yeah, big time.

What ever happened to those arguments about "tolerance" and "inclusiveness"? The true hypocrisy is now evident. They don't care about tolerance, inclusiveness or free speech. They just want State-imposed legitimacy. They want to push their rights at the expense of yours and mine.

The following article will give you an example of the persecution that many Americans are currently suffering at the expense of the fascist homosexual movement. The article also contains links to other incidents, if you would like to read more.

Bad day for the CHRC

Those poor folks at the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). Their kingdom is gradually collapsing around them. Do I feel sorry for them? Not a chance! :)

Some time ago, when the CHRC was besieged with criticism from all sides, it commissioned a review by University of Windsor law professor Richard Moon.

Professor Moon just released his review. Here is the juiciest portion of the report:

"The principal recommendation of this report is that Section 13 [of the
Canadian Human Rights Act] be repealed so that censorship of Internet hate
speech is dealt with exclusively by the criminal law."

"The use of censorship by the government should be confined to a narrow category of extreme expression -- that which threatens, advocates or justifies violence against the members of an identifiable group."

This is a tremendous victory. Professor Moon is essentially saying that the CHRC has no business censoring public debate and acting like a free-speec police in a totalitarian country.

Significantly, both of Canada's national newspapers published articles on their cover page about this review. This means that the mainstream media has not forgotten about the abuses of the CHRC, even though the organization has been keeping a low profile lately.

Is anybody in Harper's government paying attention? This is a no-brainer with little political cost.

Read more:

National Post: Ottawa urged to scrap hate speech law

Globe and Mail: Let police investigate hate speech, report says

SoCon or Bust: Victory for the blogosphere against the CHRC

Student associations are crazy: Part 2-- White men can't be helped at Carleton

The Carleton University Students Association (CUSA) just decided that they will stop fundraising for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. What do you think prompted such action? You'll never guess. Never.

CUSA executives decided that cystic fibrosis was a disease that only affected white men. As a result, any fundraising for this cause wouldn't be "diverse" enough. How silly is that?

Leaving aside the false assumption about cystic fibrosis being concentrated in white men, why on earth would you choose a charitable cause based on gender or skin colour?

Should we stop funding breast cancer research because it only affects women? Or perhaps ban prostate cancer research because it only concerns men? Or what about funding to stop malaria, because it only benefits Africans?

This is so ridiculous. And so politically correct. As if we had to be ashamed of being white. No race or gender should be singled out in this fashion.

Here's another angle: Do you think they would have ever banned fundraising for AIDS because a disproportionate number of victims are living a homosexual lifestyle? Not a chance. That wouldn't be politically correct.

One good thing will come out of this: since the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation supports embryonic stem cell research (which destroys human embryos), the decline in funding should save little babies from being used as lab rats. I would never donate to an organization funding such unethical research.

Read CTV's coverage: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20081125/carleton_fundraiser_081125/20081125?hub=TopStories

Student associations are crazy: Part 1-- Vigilantes at Queen's

Having studied for 5 years at university, I had a chance to see first hand how awful student associations can be.

These associations were founded with noble goals of protecting student interests. Unfortunately, they have now become political organizations. It makes me want to spit.

It's all the more troublesome when you see how immature these students are. They know so little about life and are ill positioned to be taking stands on political issues. I'll admit that I was immature as an 18 year old. But I wouldn't try to give an interview to the CBC on some important issue of the day.

Today, I'd like to talk about the vigilante system being implemented at Queen's University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada.

The vigilantes are officially called "dialogue facilitators". Their purpose is to roam around the campus, listen in on conversations among students and intervene if they hear something "offensive" that is not consistent with "diversity".

As we know, "diversity" is code for promoting social engineering, such as pushing the homosexual lifestyle, abortion, contraception, etc.

There you have it: the State, through a university, is infiltrating private conversations in order to push a particular ideology.

Be afraid.

Read more: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/nov/08111907.html