Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bill C-484 brings out worst in pro-aborts

Pro-aborts in Canada is getting worked up about bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act. This bill seeks to make it a separate crime to kill an unborn baby. Sounds like a reasonable proposition for a civilized society, right? After all, science has proven without a doubt that an unborn baby is a live human being that is distinct from her mother. Among the piles of evidence, which could fill volumes of medical journals, we need only cite the fact that the unborn child has a distinct DNA from her mother, which is an unmistakable sign that she is not part of her body. Case closed.

But pro-aborts will not tolerate this bill. The "right to choose" does not apply to women who choose to keep their babies and pursue their pregnancy. So if some brute comes along and assaults an expectant mother, thus killing the baby in her tummy, too bad so sad. Get over it girl. It was just a "clump of cells" in your belly.

Case in point: this month, Alan Bryan of Nova Scotia was sentenced to 15 years in jail for his brutal attack on his then-pregnant girlfriend Charlene Knapp. The crimes? Attempted murder of Charlene, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon. No murder charge for killing the baby by stabbing it with a sword.

Charlene was 8 months pregnant. "I lost my son (who) was my future," she said.

But the pro-aborts have little sympathy for Charlene. They have launched a campaign against the bill called "One body. One person. One count."

Nice catchy phrase, but so erroneus you'd think they were still reading medical textbooks from the Middle Ages. Modern science has destroyed the "one body" myth. That "clump of cells" in the ultrasound sure looks a lot like a human. What a coincidence that the clump lines up that way, eh? Not only does an unborn child have her own distinct DNA, she also has her own heart beat, arms, legs, head, etc. Gee, do pregnant women temporarily grow an extra heart and a few spare limbs? Those spare parts could sure come in handy, especially the brain, which seems dramatically deficient in some pro-aborts.

Grow up. We're not in the Middle Ages anymore.

The pro-aborts, in their typical exemplary altruism, are barking that the grief of women like Charlene must be ignored. In fact, they despise Charlene's tears and the media attention she gets because it draws Canadians' attention to a gaping hole in our justice system.

For the pro-aborts, Charlene is just too emotion. No murder was committed. Just an assault on a woman with an inflated belly. Perhaps she was just overweight? At most she only had a cumbersome "clump of cells" in her womb that doesn't count. But certainly no baby in there. In fact, you should be happy, Charlene, because it will be easier to fasten your seatbelt now. You'll also be able to fit into your old clothes again. Your ex did you a favour. We sent him a Hallmark on your behalf.

Pro-aborts are so determined to cling to their license to kill their unwanted babies that they won't let the wanted babies be safe either.

An Environics poll released in late 2007 showed that 72% of Canadians and 75% of women support a law that would make it a separate crime to kill a fetus during an attack on a pregnant woman. That's an overwhelming majority. You'll rarely find such a consensus on any subject in this country.

If democracy is to be served, this bill must be passed. Make sure your MP knows your opinion.