Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homosexual violence continues

Have you heard about the ongoing violence in the United States being perpetrated by the homosexual movement? You probably haven't, because the mainstream media is being very quiet about it.

People have been assaulted, churches attacked and death threats been made. All this because the people of America voted against same-sex marriage and in favour of traditional marriage during various referendums held on the same day as the Presidential election.

If the homosexual movement had been on the receiving end of these attacks, do you think they would have received some coverage? Yeah, big time.

What ever happened to those arguments about "tolerance" and "inclusiveness"? The true hypocrisy is now evident. They don't care about tolerance, inclusiveness or free speech. They just want State-imposed legitimacy. They want to push their rights at the expense of yours and mine.

The following article will give you an example of the persecution that many Americans are currently suffering at the expense of the fascist homosexual movement. The article also contains links to other incidents, if you would like to read more.