Sunday, November 23, 2008

Continued corruption at "Human Rights" Commissions

"Human Rights Commissions" in Canada have again showed their bias and cowardice, as well as proving that their agenda is 100% political.

Ezra Levant, a prominent critic of Human Rights Commissions in Canada, has been acquitted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC). And he's ticked off about it.

Mr. Levant recently published on his blog a letter written by Alberta pastor Steve Boissoin. The letter expressed Pastor Boissoin's strong conviction that homosexual behaviour was morally unacceptable. Following a complaint to the AHRC, the pastor was found guilty of hate speech in late 2007. In addition to having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyer's fees, the pastor was consequently fined $7000, ordered to apologize to the complainant in the case , and ordered to never again publicly speak about his views on homosexuality.

This is Official State censorship of free speech.

Mr. Levant is a smart guy. He is also a tenacious activist. In order to prove the bias of Canada's various human rights commissions, he published the same letter on his blog.

Not surprisingly, a homosexual activist filed a complaint against Mr. Levant before the Canadian Human Rights Commission. This is exactly what Mr. Levant wanted.

Not surprisingly, the Commission dismissed the case and let Mr. Levant off the hook.

This would normall leave most rational people scratching their heads. But those of us who have followed the disgusting behaviour of these commissions are not surprised.

So why did this letter earn a hate crimes conviction to Pastor Boissoin but not to Mr. Levant? The official ruling stated: "The Commission is of the view that the Respondent is posting this article with the goal of furthering a public debate on freedom of expression."

This is false, of course. On his blog, Mr. Levant once again republished Rev. Boissoin's letter, making clear that in doing so he has no intention of furthering any public debate, but rather that he is doing so "as a personal insult to (Canadian Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner) Jennifer Lynch."

The real reason he was acquitted is this: Mr. Levant is a well-funded, well-publicised and well-supported activist. Had he been convicted, he would have raised quite a stink. Mr. Levant's previous encounters with human rights commissions earned him much well deserved press coverage and earned the human rights commissions some well-deserved scorn from the main-stream media. They could ill afford to be humiliated again. So they preferred to let Mr. Levant off the hook.

This confirms that the human rights commissions are not operating based on objective principles. They are political organizations that are pushing a left-wing, anti-family agenda. They are also cowards that won't stand up for anything.

As Mr. Levant points out, "In the entire history of section 13, stretching back to 1977, not one single Jew, Muslim or gay has been taken before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal by the CHRC... It's legal for a Jew like me to publish [Boissoin's letter]. It's illegal for a Christian like Rev. Boissoin to publish it. That's sick."

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And be scared for your freedoms.