Saturday, February 09, 2008

Canadian hospital planning to starve a man to death

A man is on the verge of being put to death by starvation in a Winnipeg hospital. Sounds like something out of a horror movie. Read below and take action before it's too late.

It's not often that an opportunity arises where we can contribute to the saving of a life. This is one such opportunity.

Samuel Golubchuk is an elderly resident of Winnipeg. Four years ago he became disabled after a fall. He became confined to a wheelchair and had difficulty communicating. Despite these impairments, Sam he led an active life under the loving care of his devoted family, friends, and the staff of the home where he lived.

In October 2007, Sam contracted pneumonia. He was brought to Winnipeg's Grace Hospital where, with treatment, he overcame his illness. Due to his weakened condition, however, Sam has not been able to return to his home and has remained in hospital where he is being fed through a tube and breathing with the on-again, off-again help of a respirator.

In November doctors decided that they should not have to continue providing Sam with basic medical care, citing his age and his diminished capacity as their reasons. They decided that his life was not worth living and they could unilaterally kill him by stopping all feeding.

Naturally, Sam's children refused to give their consent. However, the doctors opted to ignore the wishes of Sam's family. On November 30, the family sought and obtained a temporary Court Order prohibiting the hospital from killing Sam. The hospital is now fighting to have this Order overturned.

Sam's family is accumulating potentially ruinous legal fees defending their father's right to live. They need your help, not just to save Sam's life, but to help save the lives of so many other elderly or disabled who will be endangered by the legal precedent that could be established in this case. Please take a minute and visit Sam's website where you will find easy instructions on specific things that you can do to have an impact. The website is