Thursday, January 04, 2007

New York Times proving it is not a real news source

The New York Times has been caught red-handed with distorting the facts by, a pro-life news agency.

The Public Editor (ombudsman) at the New York Times, in a 1,500 word article published on December 31, admits that was correct in exposing a grievous error in reporting by the New York Times Magazine.

In a nutshell, the Times was trying to portray an infanticide in El Salvador (where a live baby was deliberately strangled to death after birth) as an abortion that occurred at 18 weeks of pregnancy. The point was apparently to make El Salvador seem like an extremely right-wing country, where people get imprisoned for 30 years for an action that is legal in the US (i.e. abortion).

The author of the article, Jack Hitt, admits that he did not even read the final court ruling in the case, even though the ruling can be obtained very easily. That negligence and his total misrepresentation of the facts are sufficient to warrant a firing of Jack Hitt from the Times.

But it gets worse. Mr. Hitt's interview with the women convicted for the murder of her newborn was translated by an unpaid translator from the pro-abortion group IPAS. In addition to abortion advocacy, IPAS stands to profit financially from the legalization of abortion in El Salvador since it sells vacuum aspirators used for abortion and incomplete abortion. So Mr. Hitt wasn't smart enough to find an impartial translator. Again, gross negligence and awful reporting.

Read the full story here.

The latest disgusting twist in the story: The Times is considering abolishing the position of ombudsman that unmasked the Times' incompetence and pro-abortion bias!!! Read all about it here. To think that they would have the gall to abolish the position that is designed to ensure that reporting is accurate and fair.

Don't ever trust the New York Times again.