Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why the vow of silence, Stephen?

What a shame that the Conservative Party is not allowing it's candidates or MPs to fill in questionnaires regarding their position on social issues such as abortion or same-sex marriage.

I thought Stephen Harper was supposed to end the "democratic deficit" that the Liberals were so fond of. I thought the Conservative Party was a "big tent" party that is open to diversity of views and discussion. I thought things would be different.

Stephen, you're alienating the social conservatives that helped you get elected. You're too soft, mushy and spineless.

Democracy is about allowing the people to chose the MPs that best represent their positions on key issues. So how the heck are we supposed to know the positions of the candidates if the Conservatives won't answer questions? Do they think we're so dumb that we'll vote blindly for them? Think again Stephen. You could be in for a big surprise come election time.