Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh, the arrogance!

I strongly believe in equality of men and women. Discrimination against women is unacceptable and must be opposed.

However, equality doesn't imply that men and women are identical. The two sexes are different physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Don't believe me? Just go to any football game and observe how most of the fans are men. Go to any church and you'll see that the congregation almost inevitably has a lot more women. See how many more men subscribe to automobile and computer magazines, while women dominate the subscriptions to fashion and crafts magazines.

Notice also how women have an advantage over men when it comes to bonding with their children. When I child gets hurt and starts crying, who does the child call for first, Mommy or Daddy? There is a magnificent bond between mother and child that is irreplacable.

This isn't rocket science folks, it's just plain common sense. It's part of human nature. We need to take these differences into account before screaming "discrimination".

Unfortunately, some women in the radical feminist movement seem to believe that women cannot be happy unless they have lives identical to those of men. For instance, if a woman doesn't have a career, she's a failure. If she decides to stay at home and raise the kids, she's wasting her life and submitting to a dominating husband.

Moreover, some of these radicals don't seem to be satisfied unless women represent exactly 50% of every profession, as if women's tastes for employment were identical to men's (how many women do you know that are interested in working in the construction industry, joining the military or driving taxis?)

Radical feminists are a plague to society because they undermine the image that women have of themselves. Women must be women, not men. Whether that means having a career or staying at home, that's for each woman to decide given her particular circumstances. But she should not feel bullied into a lifestyle just because it seems to be the politically and socially correct thing to do.

By the way, there's nothing stopping men from staying at home and raising the children while the woman works. However, this would tend to go against the natural instincts of each sex and against that beautiful bond that mothers have with their children.

Do you think I'm exaggerating about radical feminists? You must be thinking: "Surely nobody is so blind as to deny the differences between the sexes". Well think again. Check out Suzanne's analysis on the Big Blue Wave blog:

Not only do these radical feminists think women should be identical to men, but they also think that all women are identical. One of them made the following observation: "I've been out in the blogosphere. A really common refrain is that feminists claim to speak for all women, but the so-con [social conservative] women say we don't. But the plain truth is that we do." There you have it folks. The feminists claim to speak for all women, even when they read in the blogosphere that many women disagree with them. They seem to have this condescending attitude that they can read into other women's hearts and minds and know what they really believe.

Absolutely ridiculous.

If we are to put an end to real discrimination against women, we must stop this paranoia of seeing discrimination under every rock and instead focus on the true instances where women are being discriminated against. Let women be women.